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Tips for traveling to Europe

Traveling to the old continent is an unforgettable experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives, particularly

Stimulate all your senses

Start planning a trip for the whole family where you can enjoy unique experiences in one of the happiest places

Get ready to become an explorer

Are you planning your next vacation? Get ready to become an explorer and discover all the wonders that the Dominican

Saona Island is Waiting for You

Get ready for one of the all-around best plans you can have in the Dominican Republic: a day trip to

One of the most beautiful places in Dominican: Bayahíbe

This quaint fishing village is part of the Dominican Republic and is located on the east of La Romana on

Mamajuana…Mama what?

Es uno uno de los souvenirs de la República Dominicana más solicitados. Y no es para menos: La Mamajuana es, después del ron, la bebida más famosa del país.