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Discover the new hotel Catalonia Costa Mujeres

This February, the new gem of the Mexican Caribbean—the Catalonia Costa Mujeres — made its debut and we are thrilled

Unforgettable Landscapes in Canada

Canada is the ideal country for those who enjoy adventure tourism, discovering breathtaking landscapes and stunning nature in incredible tranquility.

Most Common Marine Species in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a very popular destination as it is a tropical paradise. It is home to lush nature, beautiful

Explore Quintana Roo, Mexico

The state of Quintana Roo, located in Southern Mexico, is a very attractive destination and perfect for tourists since it

Holbox and the Whale Shark

Holbox is a small island in the Mexican Caribbean, located north of Quintana Roo.


Ibiza, the gem of the Balearic Islands

This gem of the Balearic Islands archipelago, just 41 kilometers long, has a lot to offer its inhabitants and visitors.